Welcome, HIST4006-ers!
This resource is intended to guide students through the exercises for learning about digitizing medieval manuscripts. Over the course of the year, we will be learning terminology, how to use different kinds of digital tools as well as picking up a basic sense of how to think about/ describe medieval material. The sidebar organizes material week by week so this guide should act as a kind of calendar for exercises to be done after/ for class.
A rough overview of what we're doing this year follows this page, but generally the class develops as follows. We'll start by talking about a few platforms we'll be using this year (Twitter, Humanities Commons, Github) and then by week five we'll start playing with our medieval sources – a task which will occupy the rest of the first term. In the second term, we'll continue to explore digital tools and try to understand the different ways we are able to make digital surrogates of medieval manuscripts.
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