Week 19 - TEI

In this class we will be looking at the guidelines for encoding medieval manuscripts developed by the TEI (Text Encoding Initiative). Shawn Hawkins (College of the Humanities) likely be coming to talk to us about his ongoing collaboration to develop a digital edition of a fifteenth-century commentary on the Roman poet Catullus.
Read to Understand What TEI is:
  • Andrew Dunning (UToronto) has put together an introduction to tools for authoring digital critical editions, including LaTex, Classical Text Editor and TEI.
  • To work with TEI, he also has written out a useful starting guide, including who to install Atom on your computer (which you likely have already).
  • And he has produced this VERY useful introduction to transcribing ms in TEI. This is the most important reading to get through carefully.
  • For a medieval specific TEI guidelines, please take a look at the Digital Latin Library's Guidelines Webpage or as a repository on Github.
  • In class and for homework, you will begin your first TEI edition by following this DLL training session.