If you completed the previous lesson, your Markdown file should be ready. The next step is to Push (or contribute) the file to the original Repository (/MedievalBook) you Forked in Week 2.

There are two ways you can Push your content. Follow which ever tutorial matches your needs, either with Github Desktop or via the Terminal.

Push via Github Desktop

Check the documentation here for help with the desktop app.

Step 1: Open the Github desktop app. Ensure that HIST4006 is selected as the "Current repository" in the top left corner. Underneath this should be a tab "Changes". It should be highlighted already and underneath it will be a list of changes you have made, such as the new markdown file you have created. If it is there, type in the reason you are updating your repository in the text box contained the words "Summary" (something like "created new profile file").

Step 2: Press the button "Commit to Master" at the bottom left corner. Then Press the "Push Origin" button in the top right corner. This "pushes" the files on your harddrive to the Github site.

Step 3. In your web browser, navigate to your online Github (something like[Your Username]/HIST4006) and create a pull request (following the same instructions in steps 11-13 as you did in week 2), so that you can sync your new file back to the shared repository.

Push via Terminal

Step 1: Clone the repository to your computer by clicking Clone under the repository name. Copy the link provided (this is the clone URL).

Step 2: Open your terminal and change the directory (cd) to where you want your cloned repository to be made. I suggest somewhere like /Documents or your class folder if you've made one:

~$ cd Documents
cd Hist4006A

Step 3: Clone the directory using the git clone command and the clone URL you've just copied.

git clone

Press Enter to clone the repository.

Step 4: Move your Markdown file to the local directory you just created and go to that directory via your Terminal.

~$ cd MedievalBook
#check to see if your file was moved to this directory
~$ ls
#Your file should be there before you continue.

Step 5: Git needs to know that it shouldn't be ignoring the new file:

git add
#Now we can commit it to our repository.
git commit -m "added"

Step 6: Git needs to know which remote repository to sync the changes to:

git remote add origin
#Confirm this command with:
git remote -v
#the output should look like this:
#    origin (fetch)
#    origin (push)

Git is letting you know that you can both fetch and push content from this remote repository to your local one.

Step 7: Push your content to Github!

git push

And you are done! Go online to your Github and check your repository for changes. If all was done correctly, your markdown file should now appear there.

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