Annotations in Mirador

With Mirador's annotation tools you are able to add a whole new layer to your digital facsimile. You can transcribe, translate, and make comments on your folio that can be viewed publicly to create more interactive exhibitions of your research. The following tutorial will demonstrate how easy it is to use Mirador's Annotation tool with Omeka.
Navigate to the items tab on the left-hand toolbar in Omeka. Find the item you wish to annotate. On the right-hand side click on the blue Annotate button. This will bring you to a new page that displays the IIIF image in a Mirador viewer.
Beside your image in the upper left hand corner are two options. Choose toggle annotations and select a type of annotation you wish to make. The default square annotation can be used for this exercise. Select it, and create a box over a point in the folio you wish to isolate. Now you are given the option to write a comment. Once you've done so, choose the public option and then hit save. Your annotation is now saved to Omeka and will be visible to everyone.
Be sure to make use of the tagging system available as well. If you've made a mistake, hover over your annotation and click edit.